<![CDATA[Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia Wilderness Resort & Hotel - Water, Forest Bathing, and Detoxification]]>Sun, 07 Feb 2016 14:11:40 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Trout Point Lodge to be featured in The Small Luxury Cookbook]]>Thu, 15 Oct 2015 02:43:01 GMThttp://www.troutpoint.com/water-forest-bathing-and-detoxification/trout-point-lodge-to-be-featured-in-the-small-luxury-cookbookTrout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia is pleased to announce that it will be featured in a new international cookbook celebrating the 25th anniversary of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH).

Over 215 hotels are featured in this enticing culinary manual. Trout Point will be the only hotel representing Canada. The recipe submitted by the Lodge's chef/proprietors Vaughn Perret & Charles Leary, and accepted by the British editorial team in charge of the project features local Nova Scotia ingredients, prominently lobster and scallops. "Scallop and lobster ravigote with asparagus & organic quinoa" appears alongside an illustrtive photo of the dish.

Printed to the highest standards in full colour, the glossy Small Luxury Cookbook will be bound in hard covers, and distributed through all participating hotels to their guests.  Tens of thousands of SLH Club Members will also receive copies.

The Small Luxury Cookbook will be unveiled at the SLH International Conference later this month in Marbella, Spain. Trout Point Lodge has been a member of the prestigious boutique hotel group since 2011. The cookbook will also have a directory of all participating hotel restaurants.

In 2014, Trout Point Lodge was named among the World's Best Restaurant Hotels by the Five Star Alliance.
<![CDATA[Trout Point Lodge world's first Starlight Hotel]]>Sat, 04 Oct 2014 15:15:51 GMThttp://www.troutpoint.com/water-forest-bathing-and-detoxification/trout-point-lodge-worlds-first-starlight-hotelTrout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia will be the world's first certified Starlight Hotel, a distinction given by the Starlight Foundation headquartered at the Canaries Astrophysics Institute in Spain. The Starlight Initiative is backed by UNESCO, the International Astronomical Union, and other international organizations. 

"We believe it is fair to give special consideration," wrote Foundation Managing Director Luis Martinez, to "establishments whose owners have been pioneers in promoting a Starlight Destination in their area." 

Located in a particularly dark night-time zone of southwest Nova Scotia, Trout Point has developed astro-tourism offerings, including having a permanent astronomer on staff, over the past four years. This year the Lodge added a 16'x16' star gazing platform and new telescopes, including a solar telescope for daytime use. The Lodge lies adjacent to the vast Tobeatic Wilderness Area at the confluence of the Tusket and Napier Rivers.

To be certified as a Starlight Hotel, Trout Point had to submit an extensive application and data on sky quality. 

Lodge proprietors Vaughan Perret and Charles Leary have spearheaded the effort by a local non-profit society to have the region surrounding Trout Point declared a Starlight Reserve and Tourism Destination. This included visiting the Canary Islands to view best practices and meet with Foundation officials. Last year, the Lodge's astronomer took the numerous scientific measurements of sky quality necessary to achieve regional certification. The application was done by La Société Touristique Bon Temps d'Argyle, of which Perret is the Chairman. 

The Lodge has hosted numerous guests anxious to get a glimpse of unpolluted night time skies filled with stars, an increasingly rare possibility in most urban areas. 

Martinez said: "The Foundation aims to bring Rural Hotels and Houses into the movement for 'Astronomical Tourism' as an efficient way of spreading the joys of contemplating the starry skies among the customers and to encourage them to learn more about the marvels and mysteries of the Universe. This is why we attach so much importance to building a network of establishments which are qualified and accredited as 'Starlight Rural Hotels and Houses', beginning with the most representative."

Perret and Leary have worked tirelessly to gain support for the project from the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, the Southwest Nova Tourism Task Team, the Nova Scotia Department of Environment, Acadia First Nation, and the Municipalities of Argyle, Clare, and Yarmouth. 

This region of Nova Scotia has a pronounced lack of light pollution, lending it some of the darkest and clearest skies for astronomical observation in North America. 

About Trout Point Lodge & The Starlight Foundation
Founded in 2000, Trout Point Lodge lies immediately adjacent to the Tobeatic Wilderness Area. Rated 5 stars by Canada Select, the Lodge is also a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The web site is www.troutpoint.com. 

The Starlight Foundation is the body in charge of the operational management of the Starlight Initiative, providing human resources and means for its development and promotion. The Starlight Initiative was launched in 2007 from a proposal of the IAC supported by UNESCO - MaB Programme, UNWTO, IAU, and other international conventions such as UNEP-CMS, SCBD, and Ramsar Convention, and is designed as an international action in defense of the values associated with the night sky and the general right to observe the stars.

The final aim of this Initiative is to promote the importance of clear skies for the humankind, emphasizing and introducing the value of this endangered heritage for science, education, culture, technological development, nature conservation, and tourism. The web site is www.fundacionstarlight.com
<![CDATA[Forest Bathing: A natural for Trout Point guests]]>Thu, 24 Oct 2013 22:56:05 GMThttp://www.troutpoint.com/water-forest-bathing-and-detoxification/forest-bathing-a-natural-for-trout-point-guestsA popular concept in East Asia, many people know that it is good for your health to walk in a forest and be exposed to the phytoncides they give off.   "Phyton" means "plant" in Latin, and "cide" refers to the natural substance that a plant gives off to kill microorganisms. Research in Taiwan has shown that limonene phytoncide promotes sleep, and helps fight anxiety and ease pain.

In Japan, a forest bathing experience, called Shinrinyoku in Japanese, is regarded as being similar to natural aromatherapy. A forest bathing trip involves visiting a forest for relaxation and recreation while breathing in phytoncides, whose antimicrobial volatile organic compounds derive from trees, such as  a-pinene and  limonene. Incorporating forest bathing trips into a good lifestyle was first proposed in 1982 by the Forest Agency of Japan.  It has now become a recognized relaxation and/or stress management activity there. 

The New York Times reported that one scientific study " included data on 280 healthy people in Japan, where visiting nature parks for therapeutic effect has become a popular practice called ' Shinrin-yoku,' or 'forest bathing.' On one day, some people were instructed to walk through a forest or wooded area for a few hours, while others walked through a city area. On the second day, they traded places. The scientists found that    being among plants produced 'lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, and lower blood pressure,' among other things."

Governor-General Award winning author Marq DeVilliers described the forest at Trout Point for the Globe & Mail:
This is pristine Acadian forest; thousands of hectares of red spruce mixed with sugar maple and yellow birch, beech with their silky bark, red oak, pine and spruce, and hemlock on the lower stretches, some of them 30 metres or more tall. No roads, no houses, no industry … just nature. No all-terrain vehicles, no trucks. Not a golf course anywhere, not even a croquet pitch.
. . .
When the lodge was built 10 years ago, even its owners – Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and their partners – thought of it as being “in the middle of nowhere.” But they've slowly learned that they were wrong. Nowhere is somewhere after all – this is a destination, not a refuge. They've built a luxury lodge up to Relais & Chateaux standards, yes, but also a nature sanctuary, a centre for forest bathing, an exemplar of ecotourism, and the “nowhere” has been transformed into a place that really does detoxify the many ills of urban living – the sour city air with its smells of old dust and burned carbon, the absence of living things except the ant-like bustling of too many other humans, the stress hormones that take residence in city dwellers and never let them go. At Trout Point, you can “bathe” in the woods and read a good book and eat exquisite locally grown food (cooked for you by the owners) and your cellphone won't work no matter how hard you punch its buttons.
<![CDATA[The spring water at Trout Point]]>Thu, 24 Oct 2013 22:41:55 GMThttp://www.troutpoint.com/water-forest-bathing-and-detoxification/the-spring-water-at-trout-pointThe main lodge water at Trout Point draws from springs and represents world-class mineral water! Tested according to government standards for a public water supply, absence of bacteria and mineral quality parameters are regularly monitored.

Environmental Services Laboratory test results from a sample in September, 2013, once again revealed superb mineral water quality and perfect pH of 7.6 at Trout Point!

Few hotels can offer mineral water for every shower & bath, in addition to being freely offered from every sink and at every meal.